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This site will showcase a few things:

My work as a Commercial Professional Photographer, in the time prior to the arrival of digital imaging.

Yes, folks. Film only.

I worked  in various  industries for clients, in many locations, and helped  solve their  problems.

Also, some photographic projects I have worked on after I ceased this career, which will include information on how I arrived at my system for digitizing the many and varied film stocks and sizes.

There are links here to other things, which will help in understanding the period prior to digital.

Thanks for visiting

Robert Gray Hon FAIPP

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Welcome to the Robert Gray Archive

You do not need to be over 18 to view my site, but you do need to act like a responsible adult.

This site contains an edited version of many years work, in many different places, while working for a wide variety of clients.

Also some personal work.

These images are not to be copied, transmitted or snipped in any way or for any reason without being granted written permission from me. There will be costs involved, and not all images are available for use.

I need to protect my copyright, but also to ensure that my clients have their interests protected, where required.

Also, I have a bull terrier which is trained to attack genitalia.

By entering this site I assume you have read, understood and agree with the above conditions of entry.

The images here are not altered in PS  beyond tone, contrast and some cropping.