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My initial training was as a Press Photographer at The Age, in Melbourne Australia.

As a first year Cadet, we were not allowed to do anything other than assist the senior photographers in the darkroom.  We later learned B&W processing, working remotely with “wire service machines” and then on mundane tasks like shooting houses for sale, and at Suburban Newspapers.

It was great preparation for what would come later…we were proficient in covering Sport, hard news, and magazine style work.  Coming with this was the ability to think on your feet, deal with a vast spectrum of society, find your way around (sometimes to places you shouldn’t be) and be adaptable.

This, along with the knowledge of how the internals of the publishing industry fit together would help immensely as I travelled and worked in many other locations.

Also, these skills assisted me in the world of Commercial Photography to get the pictures promptly and efficiently. Something clients very much appreciated.

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