Commercial / Architectural Work

Generally, Commercial Photography is a term which applies to working directly with clients or their representatives in PR Agencies or Graphic Design Studios.

The variety of clients is vast:  Mining of various kinds, Construction, Banks and Finance Companies, Police Forces, Defence Forces, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Fashion Houses, Tourism Bodies, Hotels, Resorts, Airlines, Hairdressers, Chocolatiers, Sugar refineries, Insurance, Shipping and City Councils is only a small sample.

There are two photographic “problem solving” disciplines which are very similar; Advertising, where your client is invariably an Advertising Agency (which I did not often do), and Architectural Work which involves buildings and their creators and owners. As with other work, it involves helping solve the particular clients’ communication issues.  Before CAD some clients had models of looming projects made for photography and display. So, I would often see the building before it was started, and shoot the finished product. Most Architectural Photography is on large format cameras, with an understanding of orientation, design and streetscapes.

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