About Robert Gray

I stepped back from Professional Photography about the time digital was arriving and being embraced first by Wedding Photographers, then gradually by my Commercial colleagues. Personal circumstances dictated I needed to find something else to do.

I was never a specialist, and I learned an enormous amount of my craft from studying those who went before and by mingling with and meeting many great photographers in different areas of our discipline.

No matter how skillful you believe you are, you can always learn from others.


Cadet/Graded Press Photographer/Picture Editor 1968 - 1976

Company Name – The Age/ Sunday Press
Dates Employed Dec 1968 – Mar 1976
Employment Duration 7 yrs 4 months
Location Melbourne, Australia


The seventies in Australia were exciting and ground-breaking in politics, society generally, and certainly in The Media. A comprehensive Cadet-ship was followed by assignments including sport, fashion, politics, crime, general news and magazine style work.

The Late Graham Perkin was Editor when I began, replaced by Les Carlyon. Both great men of Australian Media. Managed to win VFL “best picture award” 1975, and VCA “best picture award” 1975/76.

I am proud to say that I am one of “Blackies boys”…a great boss and mentor in Ray Blackbourn.
When I decided to resign, it was from the position of Picture Editor at The Sunday Press.

Photographer 1976

Company Name – North Magazine (now not published)
Dates Employed Feb 1976 – Oct 1976
Employment Duration 9 months
Location Queensland, Australia


Based on The Gold Coast, and traveling (mostly alone) by 4WD to all corners of the great State of Queensland. Shooting human interest stuff and very little news or sport…..gig finished when they folded the Magazine


Freelance Photographer 1976 - 1979

Company Name – Self Employed
Dates Employed Nov 1976 – Oct 1979
Employment Duration 3 yrs
Location Hong Kong


Was kindly treated by Dinshaw Balsara, whose studio I worked out of for some time….worked on fashion, corporate and tourism accounts either directly, or through advertising or PR agencies. Travelled in 1978 to work on the official record book for the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton. Met and worked with some great photographers from across the globe during these 3 years.

Professional Photographer 1979 - 1980

Company Name – Robert Gray Photography
Dates Employed Nov 1979 – Dec 1980
Employment Duration 1 yr 2 months
Location Melbourne, Australia

Returning to City living in Australia after 4 years away…did some teaching, freelance media work, began to get some clients, and worked out of Ian McKenzie’s studio in Victoria Parade Collingwood. It became obvious that our skill sets were complementary, and we decided to combine into one company, at a new location

Professional Photographer 1981 - 1987

Company Name – McKenzie Gray and Associates
Dates Employed Jan 1981 – Mar 1987
Employment Duration 6 yrs 3 months
Location Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne in the 80’s was nuts, really.

McKenzie Gray was established to provide photographic services to the corporate sector, graphic designers and PR and advertising agencies, as well as some media freelance photographic work.

We grew quickly and had (when computers came along and we had to count them) about 300 clients across all these sectors.

McKenzie and I were very heavily involved in the AIPP at many levels, which made for “interesting times” quite often.

In late 1986, I made a number of business and personal decisions that decided me to leave Melbourne, and my next location would be to the other end of our great Country.

In Tropical North Queensland,

Professional Photographer 1987 - 2001

Company Name – Robert Gray Photography/Hot Shots Photography.
Dates Employed Mar 1987 – Mar 2001
Employment Duration 14 yrs 1 months
Location Cairns, Australia

For me, at that stage, Cairns provided the potential for growth (after some research).
The “Tourism Industry” was about to burst onto the National Scene, after many years of being somewhat ‘juvenile” and ready to take it’s place alongside other export industries. 

Within a short space of time, Sheraton, Hilton, Holiday Inn and other large hotels established a presence, along with Reef Cruises, Rafting. Helicopter Services and many other products.
The MICE market followed on their heels and I took great pride in being able to be part of the whole growth of the Tropical North.

In 2001, I moved to Brisbane, and stepped back from Professional Photography



Honorary Fellow of the AIPP 1979 – Present

Company Name -Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP)
Dates Employed 1979 – Present
Employment Duration 41 yrs
Location Brisbane, Australia


On return to Australia, I became a Member of the AIPP.
Since then, I have had the pleasure to help in various roles.
A full list is not required, but in summary (but not in chronological order)
Victorian President
National Vice President
National President
National Chairman
Judge at Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA)
Panel Chair at APPA
Committee Member at APPA
Convenor of PPY (for two years after Roger Garwood began the concept).
Bestowal by AIPP of the title Honorary Fellow.

Now a “retired Member”

Chief of reminiscing 2017 – Present

Company Name – Robert Gray Archive Part-time
Dates Employed 2017 – Present
Employment Duration 3 yrs
Location Brisbane, Australia


I am in the process of digitising my archive of pictures gathered over the years.

I have built a couple of camera rigs, which allow me to digitise (with a camera) any of the different film formats which are in the files.

They vary from 4×5 inches, through every format available in roll film down to 35mm. Slides, transparencies and colour and B&W negatives.

I am binning a great deal of stuff, but there are a number of interesting images appearing.

The result will be uploaded to a new Web Site in the next year or so, and I may even venture to other social media platforms.

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Welcome to the Robert Gray Archive

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Also some personal work.

These images are not to be copied, transmitted or snipped in any way or for any reason without being granted written permission from me. There will be costs involved, and not all images are available for use.

I need to protect my copyright, but also to ensure that my clients have their interests protected, where required.

Also, I have a bull terrier which is trained to attack genitalia.

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