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The Robert Gray Archive

My work as a Commercial Professional Photographer

This website has been created to display my work as a Commercial Professional Photographer, in the time prior to the arrival of digital imaging.

My full bio is also available here

My time in the industry allowed me to travel, work in many photographic disciplines, and gain a great deal of experience in the Craft of Photography.

All before digital arrived.

I was fortunate to work alongside (and in competition with) mobs of talented photographers, as well as many writers, designers, printers and publishers.

Since retiring from full time photography, I have begun recently to consider how to digitise my film files.

I’ve created spread sheets in Excel to catalogue what I have, and I’m looking forward to taking into the collection my work from Melbourne in the 80’s.

Work done for The Age and Sunday Press will still (I hope) be in their files.

After much time and patient work I have arrived at a digitising system: it allows me to get the film into digital form conveniently and at an acceptable level of quality, given the volume of work.

This site will grow, but not quickly.

Robert Gray Hon FAIPP

Brisbane, Australia

May 2020.

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Welcome to the Robert Gray Archive

You do not need to be over 18 to view my site, but you do need to act like a responsible adult.

This site contains an edited version of many years work, in many different places, while working for a wide variety of clients.

Also some personal work.

These images are not to be copied, transmitted or snipped in any way or for any reason without being granted written permission from me. There will be costs involved, and not all images are available for use.

I need to protect my copyright, but also to ensure that my clients have their interests protected, where required.

Also, I have a bull terrier which is trained to attack genitalia.

By entering this site I assume you have read, understood and agree with the above conditions of entry.

The images here are not altered in PS  beyond tone, contrast and some cropping.